Dance like no one watching

Photos taken 2019 at the Historial market in down town San Antonio. Texas. If there anything that I miss the most during this whole pandemic and social distancing, is social dancing.   During my college days a group of us would go out Thursday night to a latin club where they had a live band. They played salsa, merengue, cha-cha.  There were people there from all walks of life, young(college students), older people, those beginning their career and other retired.  There were people there who didn’t know how to dance, beginner and advance dancer.  No matter what, everyone was there to have a good time. I myself learn how to social dance, just by going to this latin club every Thursday night.

From Above


For the past 4 months I’ve been sending out a few rolls of film out to get developed. Shrinking the number of undeveloped film rolls I have sitting on my shelf. This pandemic has kept me from going out and shoot in public, but has allowed me to get rolls of film developed and see many unseen photos. As much as I would like to go out in public and shoot film, I don’t want to risk getting family members sick if I myself get covid. Anyone else not shoot film enough cause of the same reason?

South Texas Winter Storm 2021

Texas made headline in Mid-February when a winter storm cause chaos with power outages all over the state. Yes we here in Texas and especially in south texas are not use to cold below freezing weather and snow. We don’t see snow in south texas like many of our other northern states do. When it does snow it a big deal minus everything else that happened. That last time we experience anything like what we saw this year in my home city, San Antonio was in February 1985. I somewhat remember it, I was like 4 years old. This was my second time taking picture of the snow using film. The first time was in December 2017. This time I did run into some technical difficulties taking photos with my canon ae-1. The cold weather effected the batteries power. The images below where take the first night it started snowing, Febraruy 14, 2021

Fiesta 2017

What I look forward to in 2021 Fiesta!. I hope! Like so many other event, it was canceled this year cause of COVID. Hopefully once we are in mid-April with this vaccine for COVID19 we can return to normal. Maybe not 100% normal, but just be able to socialize with people.