Why I shoot Film

Why I shoot Film? Am sure if you shoot film, you have been ask this question or have thought about it yourself. Many of us probably have the same reasons, it cool, richer color, you don’t get the same feeling when using your digital camera. Me personally, here are a few reasons why I like shooting film.

First, when am with friends and taking pictures of whatever is going on, I don’t get asked the question: Can I see the picture(s)? They have to wait for me to get the roll of film developed, which could be awhile if I didn’t finish the roll of film that day. The best part about that, is if you take a funny or embarrassing picture of them and they ask you to delete it, well sorry, I can’t delete it.:)

Secondly, I don’t rush myself in getting my film developed to see them, unlike with digital, I see my photos right away and don’t even print them out. Since my film is at the photo lab, I have them print me a hard copy and when see them, I reflect on what I was thinking and what was going on at that time when I took that shot. I don’t get that feeling with digital. I guess with film, it the feeling, you never know what you going to get. With digital, you take a picture, if you don’t like it, delete it or continuing taking another picture until you get the results you want.

Third, just the whole process of just taking pictures with a 35mm film camera. Loading your camera with film, adjusting your settings, hearing the shutter click, and having to advance the leaver to take the next shot. I guess to be silly and stupid, it like being a soldier, your camera is like your weapon, film is your ammo, and when you are heading out in the battle field you, “Lock and Load”. Am sure everyone of you have preference on what film camera you like to shoot with the most. My is my Nikon FM10.


3 thoughts on “Why I shoot Film

  1. Never thought using film camera can be a good pickup line “Well you will have to give me your number so I can call you when the roll is developed”.

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