Photographer Block

Lately, I’ve been having photographer block. Not sure if that a actual word, but I just don’t know what to shoot with my camera. It just like writer block, when you don’t know what to write and you are there thinking, “What should I write, but nothing comes to your head”. Well same thing, but what should I photograph. I’ve thought about it and I’ve came up with two reasons why I am having photographer block.

I live in San Antonio, Texas and if you visited the city before there really not much to do here and to photograph. I feel like I ran out of places/ideas on what to photographs. I know I can always go somewhere else, but don’t have a car, Unemployed, and public transportation will only take you so far. So, traveling to another city, state, or country is out of the question. I’ve really been interested in doing street photography, but am afraid I may get a negative response from people. Any ideas/suggestion on how to approach street photography if you are a beginner?

Second, I have like 5 rolls of film that I need to get developed, but like I said am unemployed, so money is tight right now. In the back of my mind, I am wondering if those rolls of film came out and just can’t wait to send them off to the photo lab. Just having that thought in my head is blocking my creativity and not seeing something/someone worth photography.
Have you had photographer block and how do you get over it?


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