Always room for improvement

As a photographer and film user, there still a lot room for improvement in my photography skills. One area for improvement is being ready to take photos at a moment notice. When am out walk around I have my camera in my hands and loaded with film. What I mean by a “moment notice” are those time when you see a object/subject that you want to snap a photo of, but need to do it in hurry. Like the image below, I had to take the shot right away because it was in a crowded area where my line of sight was being block. As you can see the image is blurred a little.Untitled-2

Also being a able to focus right away especially when your subject is moving towards you. Not sure how photographers did this back in the day before the digital age. To be able to photograph objects/people moving towards them and to focus their camera right away. For example, trying to photograph someone whose riding their bike and coming towards you. My challenge here, is being able to focus my camera fast enough before my subject pass me by. Of course having a digital camera would probably solve this problem.Siclovia005

Lastly, I could improve on is not being shy of taking photos of random people in public. The tough part in getting over that fear of being confronted by a person or group of people.


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