A General Update

I haven’t posted anything on my blog for awhile cause I feel like I hit a slump on what to photograph. I ask myself, what else can I photograph or looks interesting to photograph. Does anyone else get that feeling in their home town? You been everywhere and photograph everything that looks interesting to you. Of course I can always photograph people who are in the downtown area, but feel that people might confront me on why I am photographing them.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting a DSLR camera and no I am not giving up on film. The reason is I’ve been thinking about starting my own photography business. I know I don’t need a digital camera to do that, but I would like to have it just in case. I feel confident in my photography skills, but I do have some concerns. Besides having a camera, is there anything else I need to just to start up a photography business? Right now I am on a tight budget so I can’t buy a new computer(I have a old, old slow computer) nor photo editing software to doing any post editing. Is it really necessary to do post editing? I feel some photographer over do it when editing their photos. My last concern is how do I show people the photos I took of them and how do I get them hard copies? Is there a service out there that photographers use?


2 thoughts on “A General Update

  1. Hi Michael

    You need never run out of things to photograph. For a long time, I would walk the same stretch of beach at the same time every Sunday morning to find my subjects. The people, the weather, the state of the sea, the objects on the beach, the activities taking place… I never knew what I’d find, but I’d make it a personal challenge for my creativity to find something and create a photograph from it.

    Then I did a 365 challenge – I wanted to photograph a different portrait every day for a year. It led to some interesting interactions stopping strangers on the street, but I loved doing it until other factors in life intervened for a while.

    I called my blog a photogenic world because I truly believe that wherever i go I’ll find something to photograph – I just need to look a little harder sometimes.

    Good luck


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