Trying to re-spark my creativity

couple attending comic-com

Lately, finding something interesting to photograph has been a challenge or maybe it just me. So, I’ve been busy doing some other things, hoping it will spark my creativity. So, I am still doing my normal walks around town, wishing there were other areas I could explore, but public transportation can only take you so far. I did miss out on Comic-con and San Japan events. That on my to do list for next year, but I do plan to attend the Alamo Comic-Con which is a month away.

One thing that I don’t blog or post picture of, are those of my niece. She will be 2 years old in a few months, but since she was born, I’ve be taking random pictures of her when she here at home. Since I’ve taken so many photos of her, I decide to create a scrapbook/photo album. All the photos in the scrapbook were taken with my Nikon FM10 and Canon AE-1 using both color and black and white film. I thought this would be cool for her to have when she get older. Having photos of herself that were taken with film when the world was so “high” on digital. I hope that one day when she is 21 that she discover her uncle’s shoe box of photos, that include photographs that I didn’t put in the scrapbook/photo album.

Beside photography, I’ve started to re-explore my interest in art, especially drawing and pastels. I’ve always had an interest in art, but when I got to college I didn’t have the time. I even wanted to take an art class, but could never fitted in my class schedule because the classes are like 4 to 5 hours long. For now, I’ve been practice drawing portraits from photos. I even went to Michael’s and brought me some oil pastels and a sketch book. Will post some images at another time, but take a look at my previous post when am not using my camera.


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