Alamo Comic-Con

I’ve always wonder what went on at these comic-con events. Well about two weeks ago I found out and attended my first comic-con, the Alamo Comic-Con. No, I didn’t dress up, but I really got to say that people really put the time into their costume. To me it seem like a early Halloween, seeing people of all ages dressed up in their costume.
Since this was a 3 day event, I went on the last day which I figure wasn’t a good idea since all the good stuff probably happen on the first and second day. Tables that were setup for certain guests were empty and one day isn’t enough time to see all the cool stuff and just to see a lot of the different costume. What made my day was being able to see Stan Lee and Scott Wilson from a distance.
I did take some pictures, but very few, since I wasn’t prepared and I believe the batteries in my flash were weak. Of course the pictures that I took were taken using film: Fujifilm 400 using my Nikon FM10 camera.
Not sure what the girl above was suppose to be, Rocket Breast Girl? Maybe Tank Girl because of the hat. I know there an old World War II movie were the tank driver wears a hat like that. She was getting a lot of attention, but she was the only one the probably notice my film camera because after I took this picture, she said I like your camera.
Those are all the images I have. I do have a few other, but they came out to dark. Again, wasn’t prepared. Well, I look forward to next year comic-con events and I will for sure attend all 3 days. I probably won’t dress up, but if I did I would go as Captain Chaos. If you never heard of Captain Chaos, it from the movie Cannonball Run. Its an old 80s movie, but funny. Not sure if he is a real super hero character.


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