Maybe it time to buy another lens

These past two weeks, I photograph several events that happened here in the city. There was Siclovia, Alamo Comic-Con, and a car show. One event that I didn’t get to see and attempt to photograph was the Lunar Eclipse because of early morning cloud cover. Well I don’t have to wait to long for another Lunar Eclipse( April 2015 ) and I hope mother nature give me a break on the clouds and no rain.

San Antonio Riverwalk. A few folks enjoy their weekend, but someone lost their balance and fell into river.

All of these made me think that it time I buy some more equipment and upgrade a few things. Right now, I have my Nikon FM10 which I’ve had for a long time(17years) and a Canon AE-1 that I brought just a year or two ago. Since then I’ve never brought additional lens. Why? well the most obvious answer is money, which I don’t have cause am unemployed, but am just that type of person who make the best out of the stuff he has. If that makes any sense. Now am looking into buy a telephoto lens to photograph events like the Lunar eclipse and just to have to photograph opportunities where I might be to far away like the image to the top-right. Someone lost their balance and fell into the river. If I had telephone lens, you would see more clearly that someone was in the water.

Just some of the stuff I’ve been looking into buying and I could use some advise is a flash for my Nikon FM10. Right now I just have a basic flash that you can’t adjust the angle of the flash. Also I’ve been doing some research on buy another camera, a Nikon F100.


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