What in your Bag

What in your Bag? In my case, it what in my backpack. I don’t have a camera bag, so I use my backpack.  When I go out for my walk,  this is want in my backpack:

not the best image. My camera gear: Vivitar 2600 flash, release cable, Nikon FM10, Canon AE-1, and a few extra rolls of film.

1. My Nikon FM10, already load with color film, Right now it has portra 400.

2. My Canon AE-1, right now load with black and white film: Kodak 100Tmax.

3. Carry some extra film. Currently I have one roll of Kodak portra 160 and Ektar 100.

4. Carry my simple, basic, and cheap flash,a  Vivitar 2600.  So far that flash has sever me well.

5. I also have release cable even though I don’t use it, but just leave in my backpack just knowing that it will always be there.

6.  Just some of none camera equipment I carry are a bottle of water for those hot days, along with a towel, plus some extra loose coins for the bus.



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