A human soul, personality in a dog body.

I have three dogs that I take care of since I have a lot of time on my hands not having a full-time job. They are not officially mine, but I say they are since I take care of them: feed them, buy their dog food, give all 3 of them their bath, and they know that am their primary care taker. When they are hungry they come to me, when they need to go outside in the middle of the night they come to my room and wake me up. One thing about them is they have different personality. I know some people might not understand, but it almost like their a human soul, a personality in a dog’s body.

60950005 This is our oldest dog, Sunny. He officially belongs to my oldest sister’s, but when she moved out to her own house, he didn’t like it. I could only assume that the yard wasn’t big enough for him and second their was no squirrels to chase and bark at. So he stay here with my parents house where we have two pecans trees where the squirrels hang out. Sunny is like a Jedi master, because he has train our other two younger dogs. By training I mean they all follow the same routine. Go outside in the morning, do their business, come back inside to sleep some more, go back outside, then eat, then sleep, back outside, then sleep and then eat and play then sleep again. Sunny has also had his encounter with death a few years ago, when he was attack by a group of dogs. To tell you the truth he shouldn’t be here with us today, but was able to fight through it. Today the only scar he has, is being very sensitive near his left ear.

Lilly is our second oldest. She officially belong to my little brother, but today I say she really is mine, because we have a tight connection. 60960010When Lilly first came to our house, she was very cautious, acted like she didn’t know if she could trust anyone. With time and patience we housed train her, so she now know how to get our attention if she need to go outside. Also with time and patience out of every in my family, she trust me a lot more than anyone in my family. At first she did not like to cuddle with anyone. She didn’t like it when you touch her paws, but again with time she learn to trust me, so now when am taking a nap or when am asleep at night, she will come to my room and lay right next to me. Two things wierd about Lilly is she make a lot of noise when she playing with the other dogs and it not a aggressive noise, it more like a silly crying noise. The other thing she like to grab my hand with her month. She doesn’t bit it, just grabs it, like if it a toy.

Lady Hulk or Lady, or Lady Bug is the youngest. Also belonging to my younger brother, she is a very quite and friendly dog. She not aggressive, she like to cuddle and of course like to play with Lilly a lot. When they do play it always interesting to watch because Lady in strong. Lilly is big and has long front legs. Sometime Lilly have Lady pinned down and has that look, “do you give up bitch?” I really don’t have that much to say about Lady. Two features that stand out about her, is here ears. Her left ear is always pointing up and her other ear is always down. One of her eyes doesn’t have color pigment.


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