A addition to my camera gear

So in a previous post, I had written that it was probably time to buy another lens for my camera. Well, I like you to say hello to my new friend, a used telephone lens 80-200mm that I recently brought from B&H. DSC00525

I took about a month or two just researching about lens and asking questions on facebook and got some good advice. Then I figure since my birthday just around the corner I figure I treat myself to a little birthday present since am really not a big money spender and my financial situation. Beside buying this lens, I also brought some rolls of film from the film photography project. They have some films that I’ve never heard or tried before, so I thought I experiment with those. I brought 1 roll of 35mm BW FPP EDU 200 and 400, 24 exposures. Also brought 1 roll 35mm color Kodak Hawkeye Super color, 400, 24 exposures, plus 1 roll of 35mm Kodak TMax 400 which I’ve used before.


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