2 Years WordPress Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Me, for blogging on WordPress for two years. Wow! it been great meeting other people who have the same interest as me, film photography and photography in general. A couple of years ago I thought that film photography was dead until I start finding people who blog about film. It been great just meeting random people who blog for other reasons then photography. I’ve met people through my other blog, Staying the Course who have interest in writing, sharing their world with the rest of the world. Since this is my 2nd year anniversary, I’ve updated my about me page since it been awhile. Also just got a three roll of film developed, so will be posting some new photos.

Here are a few of my top post:
Spring is here
May the force be with you
What in your Bag


One thought on “2 Years WordPress Anniversary

  1. Congrats on two years on WP. What a milestone. Glad I’ve stumbled on your blog about film photography. It’s something I’m not too well versed in, but I’m certainly looking forward to seeing more shots from you. Every photo tells a story.

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