should’ve put more effort and paid attention


When I was attending school at UT-Austin, I took a photographic communication class or J316. Lucky, I took it at the right time when film was still around. I learned a lot from that class, but now that I look back at it, I wish I had put more effort into some of those assignments. Especially those assignments that dealt with portraits and paid attention to the advice and instructions our professor gave the class. I don’t remember his exact words, but they were about getting up close to your subject. I remember when he would tell us that you need to get close, I was thinking, easier said then done. I didn’t want to invade someone personal space and then get into a confrontation with them. Now if I taken that advice much more seriously and practiced getting up close to my subjects(people), maybe street photography would be easier for me now.

I still don’t know how people do it these days.  To just take photograph of some random person up close without asking them for their permission. The photo above I shot with a Nikon FM10, the same camera that I used for that class.  I shot this image from the hip, so that why the angle is low.  I hope one day I can break my shell and be more confident in shooting street photography. Any suggest, ideas about getting into street photography?  Should I just ask people and take it from there?




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