Challenging myself: Drawing and color pencil

I thought I give myself a little challenge in drawing. The challenge was if I could draw a portrait of someone and be able to add colors using color pencils. So I decided to draw Becky Hammon, retired WNBA player who played with the San Antonio Silver Stars, first paid NBA female assistant coach and the first female coach to coach and win the NBA summer league championship. What do you think? Sorry about how the image came out. My scanner wasn’t picking up the color that well, so I just snap a photo using my tablet. Somewhat looks like her, but then somewhat look like Hillary Clinton.

my attempt to draw Becky Hammon.

It was difficult to decided what color would be best for the skin. So decide to using a pick and a ivory color. As always coloring the hair was the biggest challenge. To be able to blend in the color since she has some dark and light hair mixed in with some highlights.


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