Shoot the Moon

In March I brought myself a telephoto lens 80-200mm. I’ve been testing it out these past few months, just to get myself familiar with it. So since I’ve have a interest in astronomy and astrophotography, I thought let see how well this lens photographs the moon. The image below was taken last month, maybe a day before the full moon. Now am not sure if my exposure is off or if this is the way the image is suppose to come out when shooting the moon using a 80-200mm telephoto lens. I thought I would see a little more details and not just a big light circle. I don’t know, I guess it all part of the learning process. The camera I used was a Nikon FM10 on a tripod and using Kodak Portra 160. Should I go up on my film speed to 200 or go down to 100? Or is it more about my shutter speed and f-stop? Anyone have any tips and suggestion to improve my shot the next time I photography the moon? Would really appreciate it:)



2 thoughts on “Shoot the Moon

  1. I don’t have much knowledge about photography, but though that this was a great shot. There was a big round moon in the sky last night in Melbourne, clouds up there too. I was using long shutter speeds (blue hour long exposures) so I didn’t really get a clear shot of it. By the time I was ready for the moon, it was hidden behind the clouds 😀

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