Comments about my camera

When I go out for my walks in the downtown area, I always carry both of my cameras, a Nikon FM10 and Canon AE-1.  I only have out with me and the untitledother is in my backpack, you just in case.  In these past few days, I’ve been getting approach by people asking me about my camera.  This past weekend a little boy along with his little brother and his mom who were biking and stopped ahead of me to rest.  The little boy, the older one said, “Nice camera!” may I see.  His face said it all, very curious about my camera. Asking me, “can I hold it” which I did mind, anything to hopefully spark a little kids interest in film photography or photography. His mom saying, ” you can hold it, but don’t take a picture”. With a serious tone. Me making sure my film advance lever was lock in position so the shutter release button wouldn’t fire if the boy press down.  Didn’t want him getting in trouble with mom or me. He ask me question, which I wasn’t surprise that he ask, which was, “where can I see the pictures?”. That made me smile, just cause his generation is growing up in this digital world we live in. A world that dies on having information at their finger tips.

1cac4b3cb5e594c51bf5b59feffae4a9As I continue my walk and the boy along with his brother and mom continue on their bike, I stop again at a resting point just a few feet away from where I saw them.  There, a older gentlemen asked me, “is that a manual camera that uses film?”. My reply was, yes sir and then he said those are great camera, will last you a long time and that he still has his.  The little boy who stop me just a few minutes ago still curious about my camera, asking me about why I don’t have a digital camera.  I said those camera are to expensive for me and then telling the older gentlemen, that will probably cost me a arm and a leg.  Me and gentlemen continue to talk about how cheap it is now to buy a film camera and a lens compare to buying a digital camera.  He then ask me where I developed my film and I told him the darkroom which is the cheapest place I found that develops both color and black and white film.

This week I took another walk and after that headed to subway to get a sandwich for lunch. Awhile eating I had my Canon AE-1 out on the table.  A older gentlemen walks up to me and say, “that a great camera”, ” you are going to learn and understand photography using that camera”.  We chatted for a few minutes and he explain that the Canon AE-1 was the first camera he hand and brought it when it first came out. He said of all the camera he has, that his film and digital cameras he has, there is just something special about film that he can’t get from all his digital cameras. You can really see the difference between a film photo and a digital photo.  I had to ask him, what happen to that camera.  His reply, I still have it, just sitting there.  It would have been great to talk more, but I think he was on his lunch break and had to get back to work.


How about you? Do people approach you or comment when they see your film camera?  What do they say?



4 thoughts on “Comments about my camera

  1. People have never approached me when I bring my film cameras out, but I remember when I went to the beach this summer, I brought out my very huge and weird looking polaroid land camera 230 to take photos of my family and saw someone walked past me. I remember I could see him through my peripheral vision and his eyes were glued to my camera as he walked by. I’m not sure if it was his first time to see one or if he remembered using one when he was a lot younger. He looked like he’s in his 50’s.

    I own a Yashica rangefinder and a Canon Ftb but I guess those aren’t as odd or old-looking as the land camera, but my friends were really very interested the first time I brought it with me and I remember how excited I was to teach them how to use them.

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