Hello October!!:)

Summer has come and gone, but still hanging around here in south Texas.  As much as I hate the heat and having to deal with 95+ degree temperatures, am going to miss it as we begin seeing and feeling the seasons change.  Why? In the spring and summer months there are a lot more opportunities to take pictures, compared to the colder months.  People here in South Texas seem to retreat back in their home and stay warm.  I feel their less outside activities and not to mention it will be getting darker sooner.

If you noticed I haven’t post much lately, not because of laziness, it that am still jobless, so I’ve had to go on a strike budget which mean I can’t get my film developed.  Am still shooting film whenever I get a chance, but I’ve also been blogging on my site, Staying the Course as well.  The only good thing about being jobless is you can work on other things which you may never find time for if you working full-time.  For me, I working on improving my writing and just completed a course Writing 101.  Am also continuing with my drawing and am on my 4th or 5th book.

Since I don’t what to end this post without posting any photographs, I just recently got a tablet.  So I’ve just been experimenting using its digital camera.  Just last month Alamo City Comic-con was going on in town and I snap a few pictures.  Here are a few. I usually don’t post digital images on this site, but I make the exception for today post.



Penny the clown.



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