Hello, sorry I haven’t posted here like in a month. I finally got some rolls of film developed, some of them taken last year. In the process of finishing these rolls of film, I lost one that I had some great photos. I lost it because when I was advancing the film to my last shot, the film lost contact with the actually film canister and rolled up inside the film takeup spool. With no option in saving the film and I had to open camera and unwind the film from the takeup spool by hand, exposing the film to light.
I started to experiment with Lomo color sample(3-pack) that I brought from the film photography project. The film speed are 100, 400, 800, I already posted a few photos from the 400 speed, so now I will post some from the 100 film speed. This was taken using my Nikon FM10 in the street of downtown San Antonio

There a lot going on in this photo. what stand out to you?

2 thoughts on “Sidewalk

  1. Sorry to hear about losing that roll of film. I don’t know much about film, but hope to learn more about it when I have time. Could you have taken out the film in the dark? The lady with the umbrella stood out to me. Wonderful focus.

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