HI Everyone, it been awhile.

Hello everyone, I know it been awhile since I’ve posted here. No!, I haven’t forgotten about this blog or you.  Money has been tight since I last posted any film photos, but it does not mean I haven’t been shooting film.  I still do my morning walks, taking  both my Nikon FM10 and Canon AE-1 with me. Since am still unemployed sending my film to get develop is not in my budget right now.  At the moment being able to buy film is cheaper for me then having to send it off. In my closet, I have 9 rolls of film waiting to be sent off to get developed, but will have to wait.

As for photography in general, I’ve been trying to practice my skill in street photography.  I still get nervous about running into a confrontation with someone, but then why should I be worried when all these people with iPhone can snap a photo or video of someone. Something that I’ve noticed awhile am walking around town taking pictures, is that when you decide to take a break, you go to star buck to get something to drink or just to use the net, you actually miss something that worth taking a picture of.  For some odd reason when you are not in your photography mode things happen where a photography opportunity is missed.  Does that happen to you?

When am not doing photography, I’ve been occupied with my other blog, Staying the Course.  Where I write about things going on about me, life,etc and my other hobbies that been keeping me busy.  Journaling and art Journaling.  If you haven’t heard, July is WorldWatercolormonth, so for the past 10 day and the rest of July, I will be challenging myself in doing a watercolor painting each day.  I only start using watercolor about three months ago so I will be learning as I go, but it should be fun.  Check out WorldWatercolormonth Facebook page.  There are a lot of talent people out there and some awesome art work as well.


One thought on “HI Everyone, it been awhile.

  1. That happens to me all the time too. When I have packed up my tripod and put the camera in bag all ready to go home, a nice scene will pop in front of me and I will be fumbling around to take my Canon digital camera out in time to snap a shot in Auto mode 😀 Hope you find employment soon. I’ve been there, and you really have to look out for yourself when you are in that situation. Take care 🙂

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