At the beginning of the summer season during my walks, I ran into the PETA group.  PETA stand for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and they have a small group of people in town.  This is not my first time seeing PETA in town. They were here the previous summer. They are here to protest and inform people why Sea World is a horrible place for animal especially orcas.  During my walk I would see these girls at two different locations, passing out flyers, telling people to try their virtual reality video about whales. I would stop by to say hello and chat a little.  Awhile we chat, they would have people coming to their booth interested in hearing about their mission and why Sea World is a bad place. The girls were very engaging in talking to people and willing to answer any question about sea world, whales, and PETA. At the same times people were not very nice to them. One couple just approach their booth and started yelling these horrible words using f-you and without giving the girls a chance to explain their missions. Whatever your views are, put them aside and listen. Remember these are animals that don’t have a voice. Just like us, we wouldn’t enjoy our life in a small little box awhile someone else profits from it and just to see you do tricks.  Here a recent article about a protest they did in front of Sea World recently.

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