Red Bull Last Stand

As a film user there are always moments when you have your camera, loaded with film. You go out taking pictures then learn that something going on, but know that you are not prepare to photograph the event. Your camera might be load with a slow film and you need a faster one. Red Bull last stand was in town and I only found out when someone in the downtown area told me. My camera was already loaded with AGFA Vista plus 200 and I didn’t have my other camera nor a faster film. So I just decided to take the risk and see what happens. I was only able to shoot a few shots from the women race since I need to leave.
46370014 46370021 46370017 46370020


One thought on “Red Bull Last Stand

  1. Beautifully done captures around the bend. Very crisp, and it looked like you made the most of the opportunity and time you had. Sometimes we only have a few or one chance to take the shot 🙂

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