Everytime I go for a walk and have my camera with me, I always think, what was it like to be a photographer before the digital revolution. When you think about it, photographers back then had no room for mistake. They had to ready or miss the chance of getting a great photograph. There was no auto-zoom or a camera sensor to determine you aperture. You only had 24 or 36 shots and what to make sure every shot counted. It was all about experience and knowledge of photography.

photographers everywhere during siclovia 2016


2 thoughts on “#132

  1. Good work with film, Michael. Your shots always seem every well composed 🙂 I’ve never shot on film before, but if I do so, I believe it will be very challenging for me. I always take multiple shots from different angles, and the zoom function on my camera is something I use quite often. Props to you and your work. A lot of patience there 🙂

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