About Me

Hello Everyone!:) My name is Michael. I am just your average photographer who prefers to be behind the camera, holding it,looking through the view finder, and not be in front of it. There are exception when I don’t mind being in front of the camera, it just depends on the situation. I still shoot with 35mm film. YES! Film, it still around. Why do I shoot with film and not digital? Well I just like the unknown feeling that you get when you press down on the button to snap a photo of someone or something. In my mind, I am thinking, did I use the correct settings, hope the picture comes out okay, and just the wait of having your film developed. Today, I used a Nikon FM10 that I’ve had for about 17 years and only had to have it repair once. I also have a Canon AE-1 that I’ve had a for about 2 years.

I’ve had a interest in photography even when I was a kid, but just didn’t know it. I remember owning one of those cameras that had a rectanular shape and use a 110 film. Wouldn’t it have been cool if all kids growing up in the 80s and 90s were just as crazy taking pictures as the current generation except that we wouldn’t be able to share it with world. My interest in photography didn’t spike until high school which was when I got my Nikon FM10. I had to learn on my own and do a lot of trail and error to learn how to use my camera. It wasn’t until my second year in college where I took a photojournalism class where I really learned about photography, plus just taking pictures whenever I can.

Just a few things about me. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas where I currently live unemployed. I graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in sociology. My college experience was a challenge and great learning experience. Not only did I get a degree, I learned how to dance salsa, merengue, and learn other ballroom dances. Today, I help out a friend who is teaching students at local University how to dance.

My personal goals is to first get a full-time job. Second and third is to travel the world and start paying back my student loans. Hoping all three come in a package where I can work, travel, and pay my loans.
Updated April 4, 2014 May 15, 2015
All photographs, unless otherwise noted, are taken by Michael Terrazas and protected by © copyright. Please do not reproduce, copy, manipulate the photographs on this website in any way, without written permission of the photographer.



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